About Us

The idea for FootWhere® was conceived by its creator, Mr. Eddie L. Turner, in response to a friend's request of what would he desire for a souvenir from his impending trip to Bombay, India to perform missionary work. After diligent consideration of this request and realizing that no current souvenir memento was unique enough to fulfill his desire from such a far away place, Mr. Turner's reply was "DIRT". What!, was the response exclaimed by the friend who in turn asked, " And just what do you intend to do with that?" Mr. Turner's reply was, "At present, I do not know". Further brainstorming on Mr. Turner part revealed to him that soil (earth) captured in an attractive and appealing manner would serve as a pleasing and authentic souvenir memento indicative of a person having set foot upon a particular destination. Thus, the FootWhere® concept was realized and as a consequence Mr. Turner formed a new company, FootWhereUSA Group, Inc., to manufacture, market and distribute this new souvenir product.

FootWhereUSA Group, Inc. represents it is the owner and grantee of the worldwide rights, title and interest in and to FootWhere® in the United States of America and the world in its entirety. Registered in the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Washington, D.C. We value our trademark as our greatest asset and place heavy emphasis in protecting its integrity and promoting its awareness in all aspects of our sales and marketing efforts. Because of the unique concepts and features of our product line we are firmly committed to the maintaining a brand that is synonymous with authenticity of its product in both domestic and international markets.

FootWhereUSA Group offers as assortment of souvenir merchandise representing every state and city in the USA, the Caribbean Islands, Canada and other destinations throughout the world. This universal product line can be customized to personify theme parks, resorts, monuments, landmarks, major spectator events, schools, festivals or any tourist attraction of special interest. Visit our B2B wholesale website at in the event you are a retail merchant interested in our products for placement consideration.

Thank you in advance for your interest in our exciting product line and we look forward to your inquiries and the opportunity to earn your business.

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